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English: Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks

English: Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have little to post on this week, but I skipped last week’s, and I’m late on this week’s, and I don’t really like going too long without posting if I can help it.

So, last week, I got a bit overly side-tracked with an editing project for a fellow writer, then on to my own stuff, and then next thing I know the week went by. And in this week, I’m late because of holiday stuff—I did a BBQ, and blew off enough fireworks to help keep all emergencies workers ensured of job security.

As with ‘Natural Selection’—two weeks have gone, and there has been no change in the vote, so, with only a week left, I’m pretty sure we can assume it is a done project. To those who actually want to know what was going to happen next… sorry, but I guess you should have tried to want it harder.

But yea, it’s been a long and tiresome week so far, so this is about all I can keep focused to write, but I will try to post something more productive next time—I still owe you my view on POVs post.

Many of us are still in shock from the attacks in Boston yesterday. It has been putting many things through many peoples’ heads, and leaving them very dazed and confused with large cauldrons of emotions as a result.

Those who are not from the US who don’t get why this is such a huge impact when there’s so much still going on in actual war-zones, well… I’m sorry, but please stop being a cliché. People care about your tragedies, too, but they will always care more about their own, this isn’t because they’re heartless for yours anymore than it means you’re heartless for theirs (yes, I realize, you care more than you state, and your words come from your own personal pain—you’re human, we all have the same flaws).

That said, as best I can say it, I am someone that has learned from all the past events that I have to be able to find a path to move forward from things. I’m too easily sucked in, and weighed down by the pain of the world if I let it. So now, as a writer, I must simply use it to fuel me. For anyone that reads my blog who are writers or people trying to find their way as writers (but have yet to work up the courage to claim the title), I encourage you to do the same… take out your notebook, open up your MS-Word, and start writing on the pain—let those who tried to break us know what we’re really made of.

Also, please everyone do what you can to help those who are in need from this tragedy, and, yes, all those others that have been going on around the world who still need everyone’s help. Do what you can to stay informed, give to Red Cross, and other organizations… just do everything you can.


Boston Marathon Victims: How to Help, Find Information

By ABC News
Apr 15, 2013 9:57pm
gty marathon street boston tk 130415 wblog Boston Marathon Victims: How to Help, Find Information

Credit: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line today, an area that was crowded with runners and spectators, leaving at least three people dead and 130 injured, several of them children.

As the story develops, here are a few resources to help people reconnect with loved ones, find their personal belongings or lend a helping hand to those in need.

Keep in mind that cell phone service has been spotty today in the Boston area, because of high volume.


Boston Police Help Line: Family members looking for information about individuals injured during the incident are encouraged to call (617) 635-4500.

Boston Marathon Athlete Tracker: This section of the marathon’s official website lets users track runners by name or bib number to find out if he or she finished the race and when.  Visit the website HERE

Google Person Finder’s Boston Marathon Page: Google’s Person Finder launched a page specifically for the Boston Marathon tragedy that lets users look up information to either find someone or offer information about someone. Visit the website HERE

Let your friends & family know you’re OK or locate your loved ones w/ Person Finder for the Boston explosions:

— A Googler (@google) April 15, 2013

The American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts: This branch of the Red Cross has opened a disaster operation center to help families locate loved ones who were at the Boston Marathon.

Let friends/family know you’re safe!… Boston Marathon#BostonMarathon#BostonMarathon2013#marathon#prayforBoston

— RedCrossEasternMA (@RedCrossEastMA) April 15, 2013


Boston Marathon’s Official Facebook Page: Marathon officials have been regularly updating their Facebook page with the latest information, including where runners can pick up their running bags. Visit the Facebook page HERE

American Red Cross’s Safe and Well website: This allows people to register their status with the Red Cross so family members can search for them. Visit the website HERE

Strangers Offering Housing to Marathon Victims: Marathon participants or spectators who are stranded in the Boston area and need a place to stay can fill out THIS FORM to connect with people who are offering housing.


Boston Police Tip Line: Anyone with information about the incident at the Boston Marathon is encouraged to call the Boston Police Department’s tip line: 1-800-494-TIPS or call the department’s task force tip line at 617-223-6610 or email

Community members wanting 2 help this investigation can call 1(800) CALL-FBI or the BPD’s Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS.

Community members wanting 2 help this investigation can call 1(800) CALL-FBI or the BPD’s Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS.