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For those who enjoyed the single review that has been written so far, you will be grateful to know that there will be more to come. Although, when I wrote the bit for ‘Hunger Games,’ it was intended more as a means of relieving a rant, not so much as a continuing thing, but it seems that ranting reviews get the best reader response, so… I’ll see about doing more.

Note, however, that, like pretty much everything else in this blog so far, there will be no schedule. this being mostly because I don’t really come across things that put me in the need for a “review” all the time (I will not be reviewing everything that I come across just to get a review in—that’s boring). But, I will be reviewing TV, Movies, and Books when I come across them as “review-able.”

As for movies, I don’t get to the theaters as much as I would like, so we will not get many in-theater reviews. And since every DVD/Blu-ray rental company seems to be going under or, out of nowhere, deciding they don’t feel like doing that anymore after making everyone go under (Netflix are dicks!), there will be few new to rental reviews (although, in cases such as ‘Hunger Games,’ if I’m driven by temptation enough, I will rent it from Amazon Instant or Redbox). As for older movies, I have just finally given in to restarting my Netflix account with a one month free bribe from them (but I’m still mad), so there will possibly be an onslaught of older movie reviews coming for at least about a month’s worth (more if they can keep me tempted enough). For example, I have finally gotten around to watching ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’… there will definitely be a “review” of that later.

For TV, I won’t do many of these, but if something new/interest comes on, I’ll do one. Such as ‘Revolution’ just coming out—though it had a preview on for a bit now, I will try to at least wait long enough for others to see it first as to avoid spoilers (you’re welcome ahead of time, everyone that watches ‘Walking Dead’—your FB friends might not care that it’s still waiting on your DVR, but I understand your pain). Even more, I will not be doing a review for every single episode of my favorite shows, despite how tempting it might actually be (sorry, fellow Whovians, you’ll just have to shut-up and watch the show like everyone else), I keep it down to more of the episodes that stand out as significant—pilots, season premiers, finales… and maybe if something just extra crazy happened.

Books, honestly, I haven’t fully decided how I want to pull this part off. I read at least two books at a time (one at work, which tends to be a couple pages per break; and one at home, which depends on how long I can stay awake—varies from about two words to four chapters +/-). Plus, when I write a book review, I get flashbacks of the thing they make you do back at school so they can bash out any traces of joy you could have gotten out of reading, and make sure you only see it as a demeaning chore (at least that’s what I always got out of book reports… luckily I usually blew them off, and just copied the crap on the back, so my joy of reading survived with a vengeance). Plus, when it comes to book reviews, it’s different than other reviews. For one, for obvious reasons, it hit rather close to home, and even with personal involvement aside, I still have more respect for authors than movie producers—even though ‘the Hunger Games’ wasn’t one of my favorite books, I do know what Sue put into her story, if for no other reason than knowing what I put into mine, writers fill their stories with their spirits and it becomes as much them as if it was them—even ‘Twilight,’ granted, I mock it to death at any chance I get, and bash the weak female protagonist it portrays, but I respect Stephenie Meyer for trying to expose her world to us (even if I don’t personally like her world, I respect what it is). And the nearest future for this, I have already started a review on Orson Scott Card’s ‘The Lost Gate,’ so that will be coming eventually.

In addition, if any one who is a writer has a book they would like me to review, feel free to make the request, although, be warned: I will give it a completely honest review. I will at least be nice enough that if the book is really bad to the point of it being difficult to find any positive points about it (reference ‘the Hunger Games’ review), then I will not write a review for it at all, but, if you would like, I will at least relay what the basic issues with it were in private, especially if it’s a pre-published version. And, if you do make a request for a review, please understand, that I have a day job, plus my own writing, plus, as mentioned, I read at least two other books at a time, so the amount of time it may take me to get through your books can not be determined, and this is also only assuming I choose to take on the venture of reading and reviewing your book at all—I completely maintain the power to turn down requests. If you would like, I can even relay the review to any other review site your book exists on as well (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.).


brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

Someone tell my brain it’s only allowed to work on one project at a time. It keeps insisting on coming of with more and more side-projects, and it’s making it very difficult to get things done… I guess it’d be cool if it could at least learn to prioritize, but, no, it simply believes in trying to do all the projects at once.

So far I have to finish at least the first book of ‘Ravenblood,’ and then I also have more side-projects cropping up… ‘Natural Selection’ keeps taking my attention, which is cool (sort’of, but part of my brain wants to do more with that too, which simply can’t be), but now a couple other things I was playing with are insisting that I play with them more, and I simply don’t have that kind of time. I did a BS excerpt using my detective character, a character I have had pretty much no chance to make use of yet, but that little bit got my head running on trying to figure a way to finish it–it wasn’t even meant to be finished, it was completely meant to be only BS.

More importantly, if I do come up with anymore side projects, it has to be at least something that could be possibly submitted to something other than simply posted here, which seems to be the issue with a lot of them so far. ‘Natural Selection’ is pretty much stuck here, I see no way around that, which is cool, as I said, gives me a web-comic writer sort of feel I guess (which also hints at something that my brain keeps telling me I should do with NS–thank god my drawing skills are badly out of practice–although I did at least try to draw Bahb once). But, yea, I could always use money as a possible motivator, and something that gets me out there a bit more than this blog and its cute little stories…

So, damn you, voices, one at a time, and wait your turn!

PS: I’ll probably be posting ‘Natural Selection’ soon, and… dear’god, if the voices don’t shut’up, also a ending and/or re-write to ‘Mist’…