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Links by Clips

Links by Clips (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

I’ve been working on links all day, and now I’m completely stare-crazy… but I think I have everything listed that should be. Every author I’ve ever come across, by either person, books, or whatever (if you see a name you don’t know, then by-god, click on it and see what they have to offer, they might be your next favorite author); Every publisher I’ve ever come across by books, submission, etc; Every useful tool a writer could need from writers’ social site for exchanging ideas and beta reading, to agent and publisher searches, to everything else I could think of; plus I threw in some of my references I’ve gathered for my own writing (some were actually for other authors’ works, I just held on to them in-case I ever found my own need for them–I haven’t had a need for Victorian slang yet, but I am so determined to try a steampunk story at least once). And I have web-comics and stories, most are free, a couple are pay-to-read, but all are worth the reads. And I have the start of a Games section that I will maybe add to (or remove–I’m undecided)

Now, I can’t say I’m sticking with the present format of the links because I just don’t know if I like how they’re laid out (it just seems so… lengthy). At some point I may make attempts at trying to clean them up some how to make them less overwhelming, but as it is, I have no idea how, so they stay (open for suggestions).

Although, all links should hopefully be active as of now, but for future reference, if anyone finds any that are dead, or not quite going where they should, please let me know. If anyone has a site, or knows of one that might interest me, feel free to make suggestions, and I’ll check it out (this does not permit you to spam me, please try to keep any suggestions relevant).

If you come across any site in my lists that ask you to pay for anything, note that I am not in anyway telling you to (except for the web comics and stories–authors have mouths to feed… thousands of them). Everything provides some amount of useful information for free (some of them have free articles, others have their own FB page that gives you everything), so please do not pay for anything you don’t need to. I am a strict believer in Yog’s Law, and you should be to.

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, yes it is…

Not much planned for it, but I at least have today off for it (but I worked yesterday, and i go back tomorrow, so mostly today is just recovering and preparing–so, yea). At best though I will probably be working on here to try to gradually tweak things, try to at least finish up the link list (if you’re a writer and/or a properly obsessed reader, you should be clicking on a good portion of the links I’m giving you people–I did all the searching for you, now all you need to do is dive in). At some point today I will hopefully be able to get some actual writing done… might try to write the next part to ‘Natural Selection’ (it will be posted here for now, but it will be moved at some point), and I’m going to at least try to work on my novel.

What novel, you say? Oh, right, I never got around to mentioning the other reason why I really don’t put too much effort into pushing my stuff towards magazines. Basically, it takes too much time away from the novel I’ve been working on since… beginning of last year now. Most of the short-stories I’ve been trying to push at all, are stories that stem from the novel. I tend to write short-stories when working on a novel as a means of working out characters sometimes, at most, I send the stories to whoever (Intergalactic Medicine Show has actually been my go-to ‘magazine’ lately–simple, quick submission rules, absent most the dancing and running around of some others–they’ll be in the list soon, stop looking over there, damn’it, I’m talking now), since they’re there, and if they get published, then super, i have money to help hold me off easier while I’m writing the novel, plus they can help give a little recognition for the novel before it’s even a thing yet (no better means of advertising), but if it gets rejected (which so far, I’m 0 for 2 for this one), then also, the stories were written more as a brainstorming tool, so it’s also no real big deal (I mean, on a scale of what bruises my ego more–rejecting the short-stories: whatever; rejecting the novel: if your car hesitates when you start it… run).

What’s the novel? Well, I’ve read in a few places that writers shouldn’t talk about what they’re in the middle of writing… I don’t actually remember the reason why right now, but it’s a thing, so for now, I’ll say the working title is ‘Ravenblood: Death Trap’ (which i’m really saying is a working title because I really have lots of intent on changing that, don’t mind ‘Death Trap’ because it works off a play on words that you’d have to read the story to understand–blame IGMS for depriving you of being inside–but ‘Ravenblood’ is just too generalized, and it bugs me–it’s named after the main character‘s last name–Daniel Ravenblood).

And so, that’s what’s up… now, to continue tweaking and writing…