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Thursday is the 2nd anniversary of this blog, and even though I have completely blown off this thing for most of the year, I do plan to do something—haven’t entirely decided what yet, though a Flash might be among the things. But, aside from that, I’m trying to fix my lack of being here as well. I have been gone because of work and writing (which is also work—it just hasn’t paid a bill yet), but next week, my shift changes, and my free time should be different which is looking better for my writing time for both here and, more importantly, the novels/short-stories.

But, due to the recent shutting down of Yahoo’s freelance program (which I never got the chance to make use of), I have had to put thought into where else to make money. I have considered YouTube, but, frankly, I’m a writer, not a speaker. Kudos to the people that can spew verbal diarrhea and get enough attention to quit their jobs, but that’s just not what I do (still considering it a little, but it’s lower on my list of possible). So then we look at this blog—I have been trying to keep this more of a thing I do for fun and never money, but then I started figuring, you readers are getting ads either way, the only difference is between who’s getting paid for those ads, nothing personal to WordPress, but that’s my money, damn’it. So in reality, on your end, the worst that would really happen is the ads are a little closer to stuff that is relevant (although I can’t see the ads as is, so I don’t really know how random they are), all the while you are feeding my bank account while subliminal advertising for things you now believe you want is embedded in your mind.

On that, I need to redesign the blog with more structure. Something I’ve been meaning to do anyway, but that’s just a lot of work that is a pain in the ass (especially with code restrictions right now), but for the sake of making this look more appealing, I should give this better structure. Actually put the different categories of interest in their own place and such.

So, yeah, this is just me giving you a heads up about stuff about to happen, and I’m not capable of giving timeframe, but at some point the URL will probably change (because I would have bought the space), and the layout will hopefully change.

If you’re a regular, you may have noticed the St. Jude link is gone now. The Michigan Warrior Dash came and went, and you gave me nothing but $20 (all from people I know), so no pictures for you (unless you happen to follow me on Twitter and/or FB). I will be doing the Dash again next year though, I’ll update you when I can, and I hope you will give a bit more.

You have a couple days, if you read the blog, tell me what you would like me to do for the anniversary. Flash, reviews, you tell me—if you don’t tell me, then I’m just going to ramble for a couple pages worth with lots of swears—that’s how I get the ratings motha’fuckas!

Legends of the Dark Crystal

Legends of the Dark Crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, kids, how you doin’? I’m pretty much just posting to let you all know that I’m still alive. I’ve been stuck in novel mode while working around hell at the day job, so I haven’t really been able to even think about anything to post here, let alone actually post (I was actually meaning to post this bit a few weeks ago).

So, update on things. ‘Stiym’ is making progress, third act should be underway and things should be coming to a close (hopefully). I should be, with luck, requesting betas and proofers soon.

Results for Dark Crystal’s short-list came, and they said I was too awesome for them and they just weren’t worthy of me (their words, I swear). So, Dark Crystal is a no-go, and I’m now left with time to work on already running projects (never stop moving forward).

Last week while in a really shitty mood, I started working on a short set in ‘Natural Selection’ that takes place where everything left off (think of that with said shitty mood, and you get the basic idea of the story)—it will probably undergo a rewrite at some point later, but as it is, I my plans for it will depend on how it comes out—meaning, if I can get it to stand on its own, I might try throwing it at mags before throwing it here (I love you all, but I love your money more).

And… that’s about the gist of things. I’m lost in work with only hopes of finding my way out and getting back to keeping this thing moving.

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Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi—I know I’m a week and a day behind on my blog, but it’s somewhat work related reasoning. Presently, I’m trying to go through the mess of figuring out Yahoo! Contributor Network so I can try becoming a paid contributor. It is nearing a year here at the blog, and in that time I have concluded that I have some idea of how to gain enough readership to try to get money out of it (I’m not a sell-out, I’m just poor).

The day-job hours are about to be thrown in the air again, and rather than risk struggling with money as a result, I would try to find a use for that time. One will be to complete a novel and force you all to pay me for it and make rich, and the other will be to try to fill the gaps with YCN.

And that is about all I have time to say right now, but I thought I should let you in on the lack of posting. I will try at some point this week to get in a review for ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ ‘cause I finally got to see it, but I can’t really make promises on that right now. As for what I’ll be doing on YCN, I’m not entirely decided, but I’m more than likely sticking with the Entertainment categories (not much different than here, just stuff I don’t put here—‘cause I need to get paid for it).

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Ok, I don’t have time to do a review for anyone right now, but some friends of mine are in need of some pimping still. I will do a review of their work sometime later when I get time to do anything at all (I’m pushing it just for this).

If you look to the links to the side, you will see these people somewhere in all of that, however this post is to help them stand out. Everyone is available on Kindle. They’re all cheap, if not free, so please check them out, follow their blogs, Facebook them, Twitter them, click “buy” and tell your friends what you think of them and help them pay bills while you indulge in their hard work.

First up, we have Robert L. Collins:

He has a collection of Scifi and fantasy, non-fiction, novels, short-stories, and novellas, all available on Kindle:

And for all that is holy, we have some god’damn Sinead MacDughlas:

I’ve mentioned earlier that reviewing her book ‘Learn to Love Me’ is on my to-do list, so quit waiting on me, and get to it yourself. ‘Learn to Love Me’ in short is a mystery story with one of the more believable characters I’ve read in mystery in a long while (nowhere as cliché as Patterson). Go buy her stuff:

Catrina Taylor:

She writes the scifi and the fantasy and, holy-shit balls, Batman, three Kindle books are free:

And if we’re going to pimp her crazy ass, then we have to give a taste of her collaborator, Jason Dodge, who has his own short-story, ‘Memories of Hel’, out for a whole $0.99—you can’t buy shit for $0.99, but finally you now know what to do with all those useless pennies you’ve been collecting, now break open that jar, and get this shit:

Now there’s Cathrine Stovall, who already has a pretty good growing fan-base, so I’m probably just being redundant in pimping her at all, but it’s happening anyway:

You like vampire stories, but don’t like hearing about 200-year-old dudes trying to get in the pants of high-school girls and not being arrested for it? Then you need to look into Cathrine’s ‘Requiem for Humanity’ series:

And then we have some T.R. Stoddard:

She has a debut mystery novel, ‘Sunny with a Chance of Homicide,’ and look at that crazy shit, her site is pimping Cathrine Stovall… holy’crap, you should buy her stuff and see what’s up with that:

And that’s the pimping, kids. Go explore, buy things, pay their bills, have fun. I’ve gotta get back to work now so I can have something to force them to return the favor with.

Under construction

Under construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let it be known, for anyone visiting, you will be seeing this page under constant construction for a bit. It’s obviously a new blog page still, and I’m the type that likes to play with stuff. If you were around since yesterday, you may have noticed that I’m building link lists that will help promote authors and web comics, and help people find publishers and agents, etc. right now, I’m pretty much just spewing it out as it is from my bookmark folder, but I at least hope to try to organize it better at some point (I’m not entirely sure how right now, but I’m open to suggestions). I may be moving ‘Natural Selection‘ and all other stories to their own section separate from the blog, but don’t know when yet (i’m busy with other things, plus I only just figured out that I actually can make other sections–that’s way better than just putting everything all in one place).

Also, the more I look around at other people’s blogs on here, the more I develop a love/hate relationship with the look of mine (kinda like it, but it’s just not fully me yet), so, at some point I will be tweaking the over all look of this thing too (don’t know when though, I’m still feeling around this place, trying to figure out what WordPress lets us do).

So, basically, overall, don’t get too comfortable with any detail of the layout of this thing… and I will be adding a lot more to my links later (I’m barely half way through–I’ve collected links on every author and publisher of everything I’ve ever read, plus everyone I’ve ever met via cons, etc, so I’m bound to have something that will be useful to someone trying to get their stories out).


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Ok, I’ve been putting this off because I really have no idea what to say, but it seems necessary that I write a proper introduction blog. At least enough so you’ll get the full gist of the post so far and make it seem less random.

The post ‘Natural Selection’ is a project that I started on my FB page about a month ago. It was done more or less on a whim (basically, the first line was running through my head, and rather than let it go to waste, I tried my own take on a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘–a somewhat borrowed idea from another writer friend of mine). As such, this whim has taken on a bit of life, enough that I felt it deserved more attention than FB was getting it. So, that combined with a few years resisting the people telling me I should have a blog, here I am, with a blog.

So, ‘Natural Selection’ is simple enough, I started off with the first line, people chose my direction by voting, and I continued in the direction of the winning votes. Although the project started off as a daily thing, pretty much since Bahb left the bar, it’s been getting broken up a bit more (real world issues, combined with some of the entries getting a bit more drawn out before I can find a place where I believe a choice can be, etc), to usually about once a week or so. So, I will leave voting open for at least a few days (I haven’t dedicated any solid rules on it, since it just temps me to break them). I will still be posting the entries on my FB, so if you notice the voting not adding up, that will be why… there’s people voting over there too.

Now, about me and the rest of this blog. Although ‘Natural Selection’ is the motivator in getting this going, I will at least try to make it so it’s not the only thing in this blog (lots of trying). The main subject of this blog will be my writing life. Which means, you will probably see more short stories that I feel are worth reading, but magazine publishers didn’t.

And with that, yes, I do at least try to get my work published, not with great effort, but with at least some effort. It’s difficult to keep writing stories and then push everything towards publishers… I’m more interested in telling people stories, and less interested in getting them cursory scanned by an editor and responded to with a prefabricated letter (even though getting paid is always fun when it happens). But the combination of everything is very time consuming, and this is not yet my sole job, or even close to my primary job. I have to put my time towards the other one first because it is what pays the bills (on the plus side, the complete crappyness of that job is probably one of my better inspirations for writing).

And… I guess that’s it for now, feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll try to answer anything. Otherwise, simply sit back and enter into my worlds–and be sure to participate in ‘Natural Selection’, more votes make it more interesting. And for those wonder, no, I do not have a FB fan page, just a regular friend page (it is now open to subscriptions), it took me this long for to start blogging, you’ll have to give me a lot more time and reason before I get around to a fan page too.