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Man of Steel

Man of Steel (Photo credit: MuseLed)

Finally watched Man of Steel

A short review on it… Zack Snyder is a confusing director—he keeps insisting on taking on action movies, but he really doesn’t seem to know what to do with them. He actually tells the story well, it’s when the action happens that he just starts falling into piles of clichés. This was one of the few comic book movies I’ve watched where I actually preferred the back-story act… it was well told, and actually made you feel for the character. But then when the action act started up, the clichés spewed out and punctured the movie with plot-holes and nonsensical physics and getting us to pretend to care about the wellbeing of barely significant characters even though every fucking thing was just leveled (“oh, look, those three guys are ok… too bad about the two completely fucked cities, but at least those guys are fine”). Completely leveled to the point that when Zod started saying he should have just let him build a Krypton, I was pretty much on his side about it, ‘cause, fuck, ya’might as well now.

Quick guess how they’re going to introduce Lex in the next movie… anyone? His usual thing is to point out that super humans are more dangerous than helpful… I’m pretty sure he has a good case going for him.

The CGI for a good portion of the action was just sloppy and at some points started looking completely cartoonish.

And the ending… when he gave himself a secret identity… half the fucking movie knows where his mom lives, but lets pretend the secret identity still makes any damn sense.

So… I’m giving this two ratings: Back-story act 4 out of 5, Action act 2 out of 5. I’m a storyteller by trade, I’m easier to win over with stories.

ZumiaoTemple complex - Ip man residence

ZumiaoTemple complex – Ip man residence (Photo credit: dhelling01)

Just watched ‘The Grandmaster’

Out of all the Ip Man movies that I’ve seen so far, this one is just odd. The storytelling of it was awkward and choppy, and just went off on tangents that I could barely even follow. The fight scenes were decent with only a few moments of unrealistic thrown in, but because of the odd story structuring, I had no idea what half the fights were even about… and I’m pretty sure only some of this can be blamed on the rum.

I give this a 3 out of 5, and I have no idea if this would have been different if I was sober.

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Selective Memory

Selective Memory (Photo credit: TranceMist)

When we last left Bahb in ‘Natural Selection: Elimination,’  he had just escaped imprisonment in the compound for the Church of the Evolution, released two shape-shifting telepathic aliens, and dove into a battle against the entire crazy cult.

A battle against the head of the Church, Father, was brought to an end by Bahb’s bolt, and Bahb’s Evo lover, Scarlet, was sliced in half by the shape-shifter, Soo’s unveiling of their deception—which gave further reveal of their true target, the new-born son of Bahb and Scarlet—believed to be even stronger than the typical Evo.

The Evo, Kk’vin, put aside their differences and sacrificed his life to give his power to Bahb, to grant him the temporary strength of a Super-Evo.

A final battle between Bahb and Soo unleashed, ending in Bahb’s victory, only to have the other alien, Gaun, escape after absorbing the essence of Father, and taking Bahb’s son just as Bahb’s evo-charge faded away.

With most of the Church of the Evolution slaughtered, and Gaun walking into the setting sun, a herd of alien-charged zombies are staggering towards the compound, killing everything in their path.

How will it continue? You must now choose the path… … …

What should Bahb’s son be named?

I seriously have no ideas for this one, so just post your ideas in comment and I’ll make another poll for this one some other time. Try to keep it within the name scheme I’m using so far—Kk’rin, Kk’vin, Bahb, Soo, Gaun, Jorje, etc. (it’s more fun).

And I was going to have you vote on whether or not I should keep POV changing as an option, but I’ve decided to just drop it myself, since all the times I’ve tried putting POV changing up, it got knocked down anyway. So, I’ll just accept that you’re all jerks, and I’m stuck in Bahb forever…

Ok, my brain is tired, so I’m going to cover my weekly post as my break, though, due to said cerebral fatigue, I’m going to keep the topic to the less thought out. I apologize in advance.

As mentioned, we are nearing the anniversary of the blog, and as such, the anniversary of ‘Natural Selection’—it was technically born on FB about a month earlier, but I’ll consider that the gestation period—it was born here, July 31, 2012. So the subject matter will be what to do about the continuation of ‘Natural Selection.’ I am really open to any ideas right now.

As it is, I still have the background story that I mentioned I wanted to do for it on the burner, but have done pretty much nothing with it (but it won’t really affect the way things continue anyway, it will just add depth and personal amusement—it will be taking on POVs of all the other characters I wanted to play with but voters wouldn’t let me, and since all those characters are now dead… well, it clearly won’t affect things). That will be done at some point, if I have to bum rush it out, I will (that seems to be in proper tradition of the rest of the story anyway), but I would really like to get it spewed by the anniversary date.

Now, what to do to continue the story—as mentioned, I’m very open to ideas. Should I continue pretty much the way it has so far, should I establish rules for me and/or voters?

Incase you’re new here, and you for some reason haven’t checked already, to bring yourself up to speed, please read ‘Natural Selection’ and see what I’m babbling about.

Another thing that’s been bugging me since near the end of the first one, should I do something different with title? ‘Natural Selection’ was a title that I came up with a couple parts in because it was simply a great play on words that worked for everything… story, concept, etc. But… the story is slightly shifted, most of the Church of the Evolution has been killed, though the Selection is still a thing. The final part got a subtitle of “Elimination’ a slight word play, that was actually one of the titles I was also considering, but decided it fit better there.

So, those are the questions. What if anything should be changed about ‘Natural Selection’ for the second volume?

The Mark III armor as featured in the 2008 fil...

The Mark III armor as featured in the 2008 film Iron Man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know how much detail I can really put into this review compared to any of the others I’ve done because there was seriously so much stuff happening in this movie I probably missed half of it from blinking. But I’ll do my best to cover what I can.

We start off the movie in a flashback on New Years Eve 1999, where Stark is still his old self. Avoiding spoiler, we’ll simply say that pretty much everything that’s happening is crucial to the plot… except for maybe the Y2K joke.

Bringing it back to the now, Stark is working on another design for an Iron Man armor that allows him to will the armor to him with implants that he just injected into himself (not Extremis, but for those that know that arc, you should really keep that in mind). All the while we are introduced by news that there is a terrorist going around blowing stuff up known as the Mandarin, which then leads us to the president introducing the new War Machine model now known as the Iron Patriot (not Norman Osborn, it’s still Rhodey, just with a name that they deemed better for PR).

Meanwhile, back at Stark Industries, Pepper and Happy are trying to get things running as usual when Pepper gets an unexpected visit from the guy in the flashback, Aldrich Killian, which shows her a project that he’s working on call… Extremis (told you to keep it in mind—over all, this is somewhat of an odd remix of the Extremis arc). After Killian shows off his stuff, Happy finds him suspicious and follows him.

We move back to Pepper returning to the Stark house and being introduced to another new armor that Stark is “breaking in,” she assumes to be about Mk15, but is actually Mk42, which all becomes a reveal that Tony is dealing with PTSD from events that occurred back in New York in ‘the Avengers” (this is really about the only detail that seems to be even hinted about the other movies—if there was anything else, I missed it—oh, and sorry, there was only the most vague slight hint to Stark having a drinking problem… that was as close as Disney would allow it).

Back to Happy, things happen, boom. Mandarin takes credit, Stark threatens a terrorist. And now we bring the other person from the flashback in, and before we even know why she’s there, said threatened terrorist blows shit up, which gives Pepper her first moment to be a bit badass.

After huge sequence of shit blowing up, Stark is assumed dead, and we end up in Tennessee with a busted up armor. This leads us to the investigation of a boom that happened here similar to Happy’s boom, and as soon as you think shit is slowing down, shit starts blowing up again. Lot’s of blowing shit up going on in this movie—honestly, through this whole thing, I kept trying to figure out at what point Robert Downey, Jr might have gotten injured that caused a slight delay in production, and well, I stopped trying pretty early in… I couldn’t tell where he was using stunt doubles verses doing his own stunts, and there was so much going on that could have caused some injuries to happen.

Meanwhile, Iron Patriot is hunting down the Mandarin in all the wrong places and stumbles upon a trap that leads to his capture.

Back to Stark, the armor is on a slow charge and he has to MacGyver some stuff while he waits and starts to infiltrate the Mandarin’s hideout. Zapping, booming, and zapping happen, and Mandarin, stuff happens, Stark is captured.

Back to Rhodey still in the Iron Patriot, they eventually pry him out, Rhodey proves he’s pretty badass without the armor (best part about this movie is that all the characters that didn’t really get a chance to be badass in the other two, really get their chance here).

Then chase and rescuing of everyone, and final battle comes with the entire hall of armor out at once. The End (as close as I want to get to it without giving away every twist).

Stay ‘til end of credits (those that don’t already know this shouldn’t even be watching Marvel movies anymore). Final message is that “Tony Stark will be back”… I assume this is in response to the rumors that have been going around that Robert Downey, Jr was done with Iron Man, and no one knew if he was at least going to do the next Avengers movie or not… so, I guess that was telling us we have at least that… I think… or it’s saying they’re recast Tony Stark, but at least Stark is still a thing… I don’t know.

I heard rumors that there were supposed to be references to future Marvel movies in this one—references to Nova, and Ant-man—if these references ever made an appearance they were among the things that happened when I blinked, and I missed them.

Ok… rating, 4 out of 5, and I probably would have given it a straight 5 if it wasn’t for the internet filling me with so much stuff about the movie ahead of time, such as Disney axing Stark’s drinking problem (the writers wanted to mix in ‘Demon in a Bottle,’ but Disney drew the line on darkness there), I probably would have let it go easier if I never knew about it (internet ruins everything).

I’m going to start you off with two of some of the oldest stories of mine I could find (not the oldest I have, the older ones are just in hard-copy and packed away, and I don’t feel like looking for them right now—maybe later). The first was a character test-run (I mentioned I do short-stories for characters, to help me figure the character out, and to see if I can make any use of them—this is one of the first in that exercise). The Raven… I first invented this character a long while ago (I honestly can’t say how long ‘cause he’s been around for a bit). I first drew him with a costume that was a bit like the Batman Beyond consume, but more bird like (but mine came first, they stole it), after that, I tried upgrading his costume a bit so he would look less like Batman, it was basically the same design, but more armor looking… and then ‘Knight Quest’ started and this was when I started to get my first dose of believing I was being watched.

I have notebooks upon notebooks filled with comics drawn with this character and others (don’t ask where any of them are, I can’t find them, and it actually is bugging me). So, time moved on, and after the Raven had been in hibernation, I came across Flash 4 (when Flash was still fresh and new and very few even knew what it was yet, but it was cool), and after seeing Stan Lee and, etc use it to make little web-comic cartoons, I thought I would try my own hand at it. So, I re-invented the Raven one last time. This time, he kinda had a bit of the Crow to him (though I kept re-drawing him to fix that, it just kept happening anyway). In the end, I found out that drawing pictures over and over with stories was harder than they made it look, so I decided to just stick with the stories ‘cause I’m better at those anyway—and I scrapped this character all together after a computer crash happened and caused me to lose his entire Genesis story (it pissed me off).

This story doesn’t really get much into a back-story beyond vague hinting, but in general, if you’ve ever seen the new version of ‘the Beauty & the Beast’ on CW, they stole the Raven’s back-story and gave it to the Beast… because they’re watching me.

The Raven:


[working title]

215804_1025101264962_8312_nRunning, leaping from rooftop to rooftop with a gliding finesse. His eyes burning red, hunting for the source of a woman’s screams.

The wind rushes his nose as he moves. The strong smell of exhaust from hundreds of badly neglected cars and trucks, and decomposing garbage haunts the night air. Filtering his senses, he can smell the vague sent of a cheap perfume. He can hear the sound of a couple of men shouting and struggling screams of a woman.

“Ple-s-! Som—dy h—p m—!”

“Wi’ ya’ shu’ dat bitch up!”

“Come’on whore, ya’ know ya’ wan’ it, now jus’ qui’ playin’ har’ta ge’ an’ give I’ up ta’ da’dy!”

The voices are coming from the next alley. He flies across with one last leap. He stands at the roof top of an old five story apartment building that’s in such bad condition that anyone that didn’t live there wouldn’t know if it was abandoned or not. He gazes down into the dark alley below. His eyes adjust almost instantly. His mind analyses the situation in a matter a milliseconds:

Two men. One Woman.

The woman is in about her late teens to early 20’s. Dark brown hair, medium skin tone. She’s wearing a cherry-red dress that appears to have been violently scuffed and torn by the two men.

One man is leaning his weight into the woman trying to restrain her. He appears to be in his early 20’s. He is trying to use his hands to hold the woman’s mouth closed. His hair is dark and greasy. He’s wearing a worn-down, plaid hunting jacket. Judging from his skin tone, his arms probably have more holes than a pin-cuisine from shooting either heroine or at least a close relative. With an intoxicated coordination, the man is trying to pry the woman’s legs apart and pull down his own pants while still holding the woman down at the same time.

The second man is holding a six-inch jackknife switchblade to the woman’s throat, yelling slurred profanities. He looks to be around the same age as his friend, his complexion not nearly as drugged. He’s wearing a black, torn-sleeved tank-top. He has long hair to about the middle of his neck, poorly tied back into a pony tail, with the sides roughly shaved.

207545_1025101184960_7748_nThe Raven steps forward leaving only the back half of the heel of his boots to balance him on the edge of the building. He leaps down, spreading out his arms like they were wings. His long trench-coat catches the wind as he descends into the alley acting almost like a parachute. He lands crouched in between a dim light and a dark shadow, his coat almost covering him completely.217672_1025101224961_8029_n

The two men look over with a stunned expression, not sure what to make of what they’re seeing. The Raven slowly rises with a sinister motion that sends a slight chill through the air. The man with the knife quickly grabs the girl away from his shocked friend and pulls her in front of himself holding the knife as firmly to her throat as his shaking hand can, peeking out from behind her.

“I don’ know who da’ fuck you are or wher’ da’ fuck you came from, bu’ you bes’ start movin’ along before thi’ bitch’s life becomes suddenly shortened… an’ we know you don’ wan’ tha’ on yo’ conscience, now do ya…”

The Raven glares at the man with his eyes of burning blood.

“Hol-ly’shi’! Wha’da’ fuck are you!?”

The Raven’s arm quickly extends slightly towards the man, in the same instant, the gleam of a small throwing-star flies from his hand. The star sticks into the back of the man’s hand causing him to suddenly jump in pain dropping the knife. The girl stumbles and trips into a pile of trash on the side of the alley wall as the man throws her down.

The other man takes out a small .38mm revolver that was stashed in his pants and gets a shot off. The Raven quickly moves his left shoulder slightly back, and the bullet just barely grazes the arm of his coat.

The man fires frantically. The Raven jumps into a forward flip in the air. Right after the man fires in vain his sixth and last shot, the Raven lands directly in front of the man. The man steps back in surprise while in the same motion the Raven smashes his rock solid fist into the man’s face, knocking him back a couple of feet, and landing him unconscious with a broken, bleeding nose.

207557_1025101624971_888_nThe man with the tank-top finally managed to painfully pry the razor star from his hand. He quickly picks up his knife from the alley ground and charges at the Raven ready try stabbing him in the kidney or the around the ribs. the Raven quickly turns, blocking and grabbing the man’s arm, and using the man’s motion to redirect the knife into the man’s solar-plexus. The man gives out a short gasp with a look up disbelief of what had just happened. The Raven throws the man down as he dies.

206661_1025101104958_7200_nThe Raven walks over to the woman still lying in the alley waste shocked and frightened. The Raven looks at her face. She reminds him so much of Amber. He bends down to her offering his hand. The girl jumps back slipping and tumbling through papers, boxes and broken bottles as she tries to get away.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you. Are you OK…?” The Raven’s eyes readjust, slowly fading back to their natural color of sky-blue.

The woman calms down a little, and nods.

The sound of approaching police sirens begin flood the air. Someone must have reported the gunfire, not because they were afraid something was wrong, but most likely because it was keeping them awake.

The woman looks down the alley as one of the police units pull up. She looks back to see old newspapers blow by, and empty air.

— — —

215292_1025101704973_1479_nFrom the roof above the alley, the Raven perches. Hidden in the shadows looking down, and watching as more police arrive and begin to investigate the area. He watches the girl as she gets interrogated and escorted to the back of an ambulance.

“Do you feel better now, yushi…?” a voice from behind him says.

The Raven glares from the corner of his eye at Kuro’Tori, “I’ve told you to stop calling me that…”

“You are avoiding the question. Did saving that girl from torture make you feel like you were saving your Amber Hane…? Did killing those toxic infestations passing themselves off as human beings make you feel like you were battling the H.A.W.K.  soldiers…? Did it make you feel better…?”

“Fuck you, Freud—I saved the girl’s life because she was in trouble and I was able to do something about it… Why can’t you just leave it at that…”

“Because you know that you cannot…”

Without looking the Raven knows that Kuro’Tori had left. He thinks to himself, “God, I hate that guy…” He stares down to the alley, “…why does he always have to be right…”

(to be continued… )

No… it will never be continued. But don’t worry, I scrapped and recycled his character and inserted him largely into other characters you’ll be seeing later.

Next is a character that I created and wrote a story for entirely as a joke—the Ice-cream Man. He was a villain, basically the story of his creation is: I was working on building the webpage for my webcomic for a good portion of the day, then I noticed my girl-friend at the time sign on, so I decided to take a break and IM with her a bit (AOL used to be cool once too). While we were BSing about whatever and I was telling about what I was doing, the ice-cream truck started going down her street, and she typed at me, “The Ice-cream Man!” This merged with my already comic-book drowned mind and the Ice-cream Man was born. I used to have a bitmap drawing of him that I did on MS-Paint, but I’ve somehow lost track of it (it’s unfortunately, it was pretty cool—bloody ice-cream scoopers and cones—I liked that guy). I was going to let him be one of the Raven’s villains at some point, even had the first few frames for his flash-comic done for him (nope, don’t have it anymore), but he died with the Raven, and no part of him remains.

The Ice-cream Man:

Genesis of

the Ice-cream Man

Once, a mild mannered ice-cream vendor… But one day, while driving his ice-cream truck down the suburb streets, humming along with the grinding high-pitched tune of Turkey in the Straw, the unsuspecting ice-cream man stopped for a group of innocent looking children.

He went to the back of the truck to receive the children’s orders, but the children were ordering too much… too fast. The ice-cream man couldn’t keep up. The children started becoming restless, and out of control.

The poor ice-cream man tried to withstand them… but they were just too much. The children started rocking the truck until it eventually started to flip as the ice-cream man is thrown into an open freezer and the door slammed shut… … …

Hours later…

The ice-cream man managed to pry the freezer door open. All around him, ice-cream everywhere… flames and destruction… chaos…

“They must pay… they must all pay!”

The ice-cream man swore vengeance against all children and the parents that raised them…

“I will destroy them all as… Ice-cream Man!”

English: Statue of Sherlock Holmes in Edinburgh

English: Statue of Sherlock Holmes in Edinburgh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On CBS, ‘Elementary’ has now run for 2 episodes. It is another attempt at a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes. If you’re unaware why I say “another,” we are nearing the third season of ‘Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock’ on PBS (look, more reasons to support PBS—and the first two seasons are now available on Netflix), created and lead written by the guy that every Whovian has learned to worship, Steven Moffat.

Being that this one has come out so closely along with ‘Sherlock,’ it is a bit unavoidable to try to compare one to the other, and the key comparisons, I would say, would be in how the two do in dealing with the modern treatment of some of the two most famous characters in mystery history, Doctor John Watson, and Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes. ‘Sherlock’ actually does the best at staying true to the original source, every story that has been written so far has been a detail-for-detail modernization of the original stories—it’s basically a set-up of, how would these mysteries happen in modern times, plus, how would someone with a mind like Sherlock deal with them now, basically, the deductive reasoning in a digital information age. Where as, ‘Elementary’ has been taking a few more liberties with the concept—Doctor John Watson is now Doctor Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, and Sherlock now lives in New York after a drug abuse past, and something yet unmentioned in details happened in London, and the stories so far are completely original.

So far, about the only resemblance that our new Sherlock in ‘Elementary’ comes to the one that most of the fans know is in his detective techniques. But, of course, this is the part that should be considered important (although the relationship between Holmes and Watson is important too, but I’m still letting that get flushed out a bit before I say anything—although, if this becomes another bit of the male and female characters start doing it and making all stories later just awkward, then I will greatly mark them down—it’s just too cliché for me, and I say all this with the concern about the set-up so far in mind). Both shows have actually made sure to quote Sherlock’s “attic theory” (though ‘Sherlock’ quoted it in detail, where as ‘Elementary’ mostly paraphrased), so at least with this in mind, we can at least assume that at some level the writers are trying with some effort to keep Sherlock “thinking” like Sherlock, and for at least two episodes, I have not yet seen any noticeable flaws in this

So, my rating for the show so far is 4 out of 5. I can’t give it a full 5 because the changes so far are just making me too uneasy (mainly with Watson, I just so see a future relationship set-up going on that bugs the crap out of me). And I honestly would give it a 3, but the fan-boy in me resists—as some friends may know, a lot of my school-days short-stories were modernized Sherlock Holmes stories, this is one of the key things that gave birth to D’arc Lyte (although, I get a little more noire with him, he does use more of a deductive reasoning style still).


Green Arrow using one of his trick arrows in B...

Green Arrow using one of his trick arrows in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On CW, ‘Arrow’ is now only one episode in—I know, I’m writing about it already, which must mean I was impressed… or dramatically horrified. And it is actually the former; I came in with doubts and was greatly disproved so far.

If you don’t know, ‘Arrow’ is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, the character that also appeared in the series ‘Smallville’ to serve more or less as the closest they could get to a Batman-type character without actually being Batman (he was put in right after Nolan’s Batman jolted the popularity, the timing made it a bit obvious what the motives were).

In ‘Smallville’ his back-story was that he was a rich kid who’s parents were killed in a plane crash that left him stranded on an island, until he returned to use the power of money against the criminal element. This version, is slightly different—this time he was on a ship with his dad, his girlfriend’s sister, and some guy that I don’t even know if he got more than a single line—the ship was stuck in a storm while Oliver did his girlfriend’s sister, and then the boat flipped, suddenly we’re in the water, and the dirty sister’s gone in the depths, and daddy and un-named friend are in a raft. Details are given gradually through jumbled flashbacks in the episode, but eventually, it’s revealed that daddy killed his friend and him so Oliver could live—it sounded as if this should be mysterious, but little was hinted at the why—and then Oliver got to an island where he lived for 5 years until picked-up by a boat.

It is very vaguely hinted that a lot more went on during his time on the island, such as the panning over to a mangled mask of what most comic readers will recognize as Slade Wilson (a.k.a., Deathstroke). However, we are so far left with only the vague hints, simply, something happened, and he went from being a typical spoiled rich-boy brat, to a hardened fighter who can handle himself rather well with a bow, and a grudge attached to a yet to be explained list.

My doubts in this show were based largely on ‘Smallville’s’ handling of the character. Though, I didn’t hate the way they did it, I just didn’t think they did it in a way that would have allowed the character to be able to survive too well on its own—apparently I wasn’t completely alone on this idea, hence the slight re-write. Plus, the promo trailers they were showing were just completely confusing and out of context and with the ‘Smallville’ take on in still running through my head, I just had no idea what was about to happen with what looked like a hot mess.

But my doubts were shot down with at least this episode. This episode showed a dark and gritty (almost complete opposite in setting from ‘Smallville’s’ brighter side) character that had no issues with killing (definitely different from most comic book-type characters). How well will this dark grit hold up will be left to see, since I’ve seen shows in the past that were really dark for the pilot, only to lose it completely afterward, and the director of this episode, David Nutter, actually directed the pilots of a few of the shows that are coming to mind—so, I’m for now still not getting my hopes too high… or at least trying not to.

But, my rating so far is 4 out 5. I swear, I will some day give something a solid 5, but for now, 4 stands because, one, I’m getting nervous about a show I already like… and I hate that; and 2, the sets in the show bug me… reusing the Luthor Castle from ‘Smallville’ was one thing, but the office, too… really? That was a freakin’ sound-stage, that’s not a budget thing, that’s a lack of originality.


brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

Someone tell my brain it’s only allowed to work on one project at a time. It keeps insisting on coming of with more and more side-projects, and it’s making it very difficult to get things done… I guess it’d be cool if it could at least learn to prioritize, but, no, it simply believes in trying to do all the projects at once.

So far I have to finish at least the first book of ‘Ravenblood,’ and then I also have more side-projects cropping up… ‘Natural Selection’ keeps taking my attention, which is cool (sort’of, but part of my brain wants to do more with that too, which simply can’t be), but now a couple other things I was playing with are insisting that I play with them more, and I simply don’t have that kind of time. I did a BS excerpt using my detective character, a character I have had pretty much no chance to make use of yet, but that little bit got my head running on trying to figure a way to finish it–it wasn’t even meant to be finished, it was completely meant to be only BS.

More importantly, if I do come up with anymore side projects, it has to be at least something that could be possibly submitted to something other than simply posted here, which seems to be the issue with a lot of them so far. ‘Natural Selection’ is pretty much stuck here, I see no way around that, which is cool, as I said, gives me a web-comic writer sort of feel I guess (which also hints at something that my brain keeps telling me I should do with NS–thank god my drawing skills are badly out of practice–although I did at least try to draw Bahb once). But, yea, I could always use money as a possible motivator, and something that gets me out there a bit more than this blog and its cute little stories…

So, damn you, voices, one at a time, and wait your turn!

PS: I’ll probably be posting ‘Natural Selection’ soon, and… dear’god, if the voices don’t shut’up, also a ending and/or re-write to ‘Mist’…