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Posted: May 25, 2015 in the Random
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I haven’t reminded all of you of the existence of my YouTube channel in awhile, so this is me doing that, but since I’ve done a few since the last time I linked anything here, I’ll just give you my channel and tell you to subscribe, watch and like, comment on whatever, and possibly even leave advice about what you’d like to see.

Right now, it’s mostly just me babbling, but I have recently acquired a game capture card that I’m trying to get better with despite how frustrating it seems to be. Biggest issue is with editing (can’t skip editing, or you’ll being watching about an hour of stuff happening), Movie Maker is free, so that’s what I have, and it’s a pain in the ass to do anything with. Plus, the card argues too much with my computer in general with trying to fight for space…

so… yea… here’s stuff:

My YouTube Channel

Galaxy Collision in Action (NASA, Chandra, 7/0...

Galaxy Collision in Action (NASA, Chandra, 7/09/09) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

So… here we are, all anniversaried and stuff, and nothing to contribute. Last year I gave you a dose of ‘Natural Selection,’ and, while I do still plan to do something else with that eventually, I have yet to get around to anything. I could still do a Flash before the day’s out, but I have nothing motivating one right now (but I’ll see about looking for something). Best I can give you is the strong possibility that I will be able to give you a review for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ tomorrow, since I plan to see that. I Amazon Instanted ‘Transcendence’ last night, but I don’t know if it was really worth reviewing, but I don’t know.

See, this is one of the key reasons I put this blog on hold for so long. Trying to keep working on top of keeping this running is a pain, simply because I have to keep trying to come up with things to talk about, and that’s difficult to do for even just the anniversary entry. I have a few categories, but coming up with anything to fill those categories with takes time too. I have to take time to develop a recipe, well enough to be able to explain it in as plain detail as possible (and I don’t even get time to cook anywhere near as much as I would like, let alone develop a new recipe), or I have to watch TV within a certain timeframe to review it (and you’re lucky if I’m not just catching up on a series about 3 or more eps at a time with OnDemand), and then movies, they just cost money on top of time. And of course stories are a whole issue of their own ‘cause not only do I have to take time to write them, I have to decide on who gets them (you or a publisher), which is why you’re always more likely to get flash-stories, there’s only so many places to submit those—although ‘Natural Selection’ is for the most part for you people, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I wrote something in that universe a bit ago, but held it back for submission possibilities, so, that’s no completely for you either, and money has to come first (that’s just how the game gets played).

And, so, that’s your sad anniversary entry. I’ll try to put up a Flash in a little bit, but that’s the best I can do for you for now. Here’s hoping for a review tomorrow.

Legends of the Dark Crystal

Legends of the Dark Crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, kids, how you doin’? I’m pretty much just posting to let you all know that I’m still alive. I’ve been stuck in novel mode while working around hell at the day job, so I haven’t really been able to even think about anything to post here, let alone actually post (I was actually meaning to post this bit a few weeks ago).

So, update on things. ‘Stiym’ is making progress, third act should be underway and things should be coming to a close (hopefully). I should be, with luck, requesting betas and proofers soon.

Results for Dark Crystal’s short-list came, and they said I was too awesome for them and they just weren’t worthy of me (their words, I swear). So, Dark Crystal is a no-go, and I’m now left with time to work on already running projects (never stop moving forward).

Last week while in a really shitty mood, I started working on a short set in ‘Natural Selection’ that takes place where everything left off (think of that with said shitty mood, and you get the basic idea of the story)—it will probably undergo a rewrite at some point later, but as it is, I my plans for it will depend on how it comes out—meaning, if I can get it to stand on its own, I might try throwing it at mags before throwing it here (I love you all, but I love your money more).

And… that’s about the gist of things. I’m lost in work with only hopes of finding my way out and getting back to keeping this thing moving.

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Alright, kids, I’ve skipped a couple weeks of posting, and almost skipped this one, but I’m forcing one out just to let you know I’m alive.

I’ve been busy on a couple different projects (I normally am, but I have more actual deadlines to deal with now), combined with me trying to get my flabby ass back in shape (I’m nowhere near overweight, but I’m lacking strength and endurance at a level that bothers me).

To let you follow along in some way in what I’m doing, and possibly giving you an incentive to participate also, this is some of what is going on.

I’ve got an anthology that I’m trying to come up with a submission for called, “the Cogs of Time: A Steampunk Anthology,” published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies, hosted by Catherine Stovall (whose books you should be reading). There is no money involved; it’s just something for the sake of notice, for me, it’s pretty much just playing with friends:

I’m working on coming up with a submission (or multiple) for the Quantum Shorts 2013 Flash Fiction Competition, sponsored by Science American and Tor Books. Winner gets $1500:

And I’m trying to work on something for the Dark Crystal Author Quest (the one I would like to get involved with the most, but have the least idea what to do with it). Winner gets a contract for the new Dark Crystal book series:

And for my flabby ass, I’m working on getting myself up to running the Michigan Warrior Dash 2014 with my brother and brother-in-law (and whoever else I would have recruited by then). We’re going to participating with the St. Jude Warriors program. If you’re in an area where the Warrior Dash is still coming up for this year, I advise you try for it, if you missed it, then make this moment the time to get off your ass and get ready for next year. If you run it, let me know how you did:

Outside of all that, I’m trying to crank out a few shorts to submit to magazines for the sake of me being poor, and I’m trying to get time in for ‘Stiym’ in between the cracks of everything. On the plus side, I’m on vacation right now, so I have time to do a bit more (that’s pretty much how I’m finding the chance to write this now). On top of everything, I’m also working on the muti-POV for ‘Natural Selection’ which will also bring the whole thing to a final closer.

English: Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks

English: Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have little to post on this week, but I skipped last week’s, and I’m late on this week’s, and I don’t really like going too long without posting if I can help it.

So, last week, I got a bit overly side-tracked with an editing project for a fellow writer, then on to my own stuff, and then next thing I know the week went by. And in this week, I’m late because of holiday stuff—I did a BBQ, and blew off enough fireworks to help keep all emergencies workers ensured of job security.

As with ‘Natural Selection’—two weeks have gone, and there has been no change in the vote, so, with only a week left, I’m pretty sure we can assume it is a done project. To those who actually want to know what was going to happen next… sorry, but I guess you should have tried to want it harder.

But yea, it’s been a long and tiresome week so far, so this is about all I can keep focused to write, but I will try to post something more productive next time—I still owe you my view on POVs post.


Voting (Photo credit: League of Women Voters of California)

You may notice that I’m almost a full week behind on my weekly posts. Part of this was being busy with a lot of things; the other part was that I was trying to decide what I want to do with the continuation of ‘Natural Selection.’ As it is, I have 2 votes (I’m not counting the one person who voted for ‘other’ on title with no suggestion, or giving a vote on the theme—that in itself irritated me enough to lead to my present state of thinking on this whole thing). This project is intended to be fun for both my blog readers, and myself. If I’m not getting any votes from those reading, then I’m only to assume this indicates that you are not interested, and therefore, no fun from you is being had. And, in turn, this means I am also not having as much fun, especially if I start to feel like I’m practically begging and spamming for votes—that part is in no way fun for me.

So, I am declaring some rules for ‘Natural Selection’:

  • There will be a minimum of 5 votes on all polls given at the end of a section. Any fewer than 5 votes and the story will not move forward.
  • A poll will run for no longer than 4 weeks, if the goal of 5 votes has not been met, the project will be over (I’m not going to keep rechecking the poll months+ after).

These rules apply immediately—meaning, the poll has now been running since June 11, 2013… today’s June 22, it’s now 11 days old; there are only 17 days left before I declare this project dead (that’s July 9). If the readers that really want to see what happens next want this project to continue, then you may want to get to work on getting some votes in. I promote most of my posts on my FB, Twitter, etc at least once after posting, but for the polls, I have been pushing a bit more to try to get votes—I will no longer be doing that; they will now be given the same one time promo as everything else—the rest is up to you.

If it happens that this project is killed off, then that is simply the way it must be. I will be disappointed, but I have plenty of other things that I have to do to take up my time, so it will be a minor loss.

I will still put out the alternative POV story for the anniversary no matter how this turns out.

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi—I know I’m a week and a day behind on my blog, but it’s somewhat work related reasoning. Presently, I’m trying to go through the mess of figuring out Yahoo! Contributor Network so I can try becoming a paid contributor. It is nearing a year here at the blog, and in that time I have concluded that I have some idea of how to gain enough readership to try to get money out of it (I’m not a sell-out, I’m just poor).

The day-job hours are about to be thrown in the air again, and rather than risk struggling with money as a result, I would try to find a use for that time. One will be to complete a novel and force you all to pay me for it and make rich, and the other will be to try to fill the gaps with YCN.

And that is about all I have time to say right now, but I thought I should let you in on the lack of posting. I will try at some point this week to get in a review for ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ ‘cause I finally got to see it, but I can’t really make promises on that right now. As for what I’ll be doing on YCN, I’m not entirely decided, but I’m more than likely sticking with the Entertainment categories (not much different than here, just stuff I don’t put here—‘cause I need to get paid for it).