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To the person that put in the search: published books anthony richer,

Fuck you, I’m going as fast as I can! You’re not helping, damn’it!

And so far, progress is slow, I’m working obscure hours, and I keep running into writers-blocks. Best I can say is that I’m trying to at least finish before I run out of pre-written stuff to post… and it’s getting a bit tight.

For you new types that are coming around here, no, I do not presently have a book published. Best I’ve had are a few shorts published in mags, that’s it. Most of what’s being posted right now are things that have been posted online a while ago mostly for the sake of testing the concepts of the stories (which makes them not publishable). I’m presently working on finishing a book that presently plan to just self-publish (at least that’s my present plan for it), which will be the completion of my NaNo project. If you’re wondering about the novella’s that have been referenced in the last couple posts, those were self-published on Lulu—I do not presently have a Lulu store, and everything that was there is sitting in wait for me to figure out what I want to do with them (they were all novellas over there, I’m so lost what to do with those things as far as getting them sold).

So… we covered on this? And in addition, most of what I just said, is a recap of things already said, so how ‘bout you people take the time to scroll around and click stuff before you start questioning my publishing status and making me feel like I’m not getting anything done, damn’it.

So, there… now leave me alone, I’m trying to look like I’m getting something done…

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Ok, I don’t have time to do a review for anyone right now, but some friends of mine are in need of some pimping still. I will do a review of their work sometime later when I get time to do anything at all (I’m pushing it just for this).

If you look to the links to the side, you will see these people somewhere in all of that, however this post is to help them stand out. Everyone is available on Kindle. They’re all cheap, if not free, so please check them out, follow their blogs, Facebook them, Twitter them, click “buy” and tell your friends what you think of them and help them pay bills while you indulge in their hard work.

First up, we have Robert L. Collins:

He has a collection of Scifi and fantasy, non-fiction, novels, short-stories, and novellas, all available on Kindle:

And for all that is holy, we have some god’damn Sinead MacDughlas:

I’ve mentioned earlier that reviewing her book ‘Learn to Love Me’ is on my to-do list, so quit waiting on me, and get to it yourself. ‘Learn to Love Me’ in short is a mystery story with one of the more believable characters I’ve read in mystery in a long while (nowhere as cliché as Patterson). Go buy her stuff:

Catrina Taylor:

She writes the scifi and the fantasy and, holy-shit balls, Batman, three Kindle books are free:

And if we’re going to pimp her crazy ass, then we have to give a taste of her collaborator, Jason Dodge, who has his own short-story, ‘Memories of Hel’, out for a whole $0.99—you can’t buy shit for $0.99, but finally you now know what to do with all those useless pennies you’ve been collecting, now break open that jar, and get this shit:

Now there’s Cathrine Stovall, who already has a pretty good growing fan-base, so I’m probably just being redundant in pimping her at all, but it’s happening anyway:

You like vampire stories, but don’t like hearing about 200-year-old dudes trying to get in the pants of high-school girls and not being arrested for it? Then you need to look into Cathrine’s ‘Requiem for Humanity’ series:

And then we have some T.R. Stoddard:

She has a debut mystery novel, ‘Sunny with a Chance of Homicide,’ and look at that crazy shit, her site is pimping Cathrine Stovall… holy’crap, you should buy her stuff and see what’s up with that:

And that’s the pimping, kids. Go explore, buy things, pay their bills, have fun. I’ve gotta get back to work now so I can have something to force them to return the favor with.