Hello, Readers! (I do have readers, right?)

Posted: August 2, 2012 in the Random
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Ok, I’ve been putting this off because I really have no idea what to say, but it seems necessary that I write a proper introduction blog. At least enough so you’ll get the full gist of the post so far and make it seem less random.

The post ‘Natural Selection’ is a project that I started on my FB page about a month ago. It was done more or less on a whim (basically, the first line was running through my head, and rather than let it go to waste, I tried my own take on a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘–a somewhat borrowed idea from another writer friend of mine). As such, this whim has taken on a bit of life, enough that I felt it deserved more attention than FB was getting it. So, that combined with a few years resisting the people telling me I should have a blog, here I am, with a blog.

So, ‘Natural Selection’ is simple enough, I started off with the first line, people chose my direction by voting, and I continued in the direction of the winning votes. Although the project started off as a daily thing, pretty much since Bahb left the bar, it’s been getting broken up a bit more (real world issues, combined with some of the entries getting a bit more drawn out before I can find a place where I believe a choice can be, etc), to usually about once a week or so. So, I will leave voting open for at least a few days (I haven’t dedicated any solid rules on it, since it just temps me to break them). I will still be posting the entries on my FB, so if you notice the voting not adding up, that will be why… there’s people voting over there too.

Now, about me and the rest of this blog. Although ‘Natural Selection’ is the motivator in getting this going, I will at least try to make it so it’s not the only thing in this blog (lots of trying). The main subject of this blog will be my writing life. Which means, you will probably see more short stories that I feel are worth reading, but magazine publishers didn’t.

And with that, yes, I do at least try to get my work published, not with great effort, but with at least some effort. It’s difficult to keep writing stories and then push everything towards publishers… I’m more interested in telling people stories, and less interested in getting them cursory scanned by an editor and responded to with a prefabricated letter (even though getting paid is always fun when it happens). But the combination of everything is very time consuming, and this is not yet my sole job, or even close to my primary job. I have to put my time towards the other one first because it is what pays the bills (on the plus side, the complete crappyness of that job is probably one of my better inspirations for writing).

And… I guess that’s it for now, feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll try to answer anything. Otherwise, simply sit back and enter into my worlds–and be sure to participate in ‘Natural Selection’, more votes make it more interesting. And for those wonder, no, I do not have a FB fan page, just a regular friend page (it is now open to subscriptions), it took me this long for to start blogging, you’ll have to give me a lot more time and reason before I get around to a fan page too.

  1. rcontreras01 says:

    Well put. You seem like a bright individual. I look forward to reading all you have to say.


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